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Alcohol free beer has been with us as a mainstream product in the UK since the early 1990’s from my memory, when the main choice was Kaliber from Guinness. *This frankly was a terrible “beer” in most ways, it tasted chemically, had no fizz, left a rather bad aftertaste and after one you never wanted to try it again. *These days the most common brand you will see in pubs is Becks Blue, from the makers of its namesake full strength brother and despite being a much improved beer over Kaliber, it still suffers from being bland and lacking the fizz you expect from a beer.
Non alcoholic beer is produced by taking the full strength beer just before carbonation and bottling then boiling it to 78.3 centigrade, the boiling point of alcohol enabling it to evaporate leaving you with 95-96% of the original volume virtually alcohol free (