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The poll on the left is closed, 43 people could be bothered voting. 72% would prefer to sit in a dumpy traditional boozer necking a pint of dark murky pong, than sitting in a smart urbane modern bar, discussing post feminist female empowerment with the lovely Alesha Dixon, and enjoying a golden delicious ice cold fizzy pint of lout?

What is wrong with you people? Is it Alesha? She not your cup of tea? Prefer a bit of Lucy Pinder? Go on tell me, itís okay. You could sit there with Ann Widdecome if you like. If that is your bag. Itís okay if you donít like girls, itís the 21st century, no one is going to mind if youíre a friend of Dorothy, but Iím sure Alesha would have some like minded male friends she could introduce you to. If your a lady, pick Gerard Butler or someone. Even I accept the lady squeeze is trading me in, if Gerard comes a knocking. I know my place. But sit in a dumpy old mans pub?

Really, what on earth is going on, what is wrong with you people? What is it about these dives that could possibly be more appealing than Alesha Dixon? The beer blogosphere is truly as mad as a box of frogs.

Please, answers below. What is it about these places?