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Thread: Top 100 UK Bars list? What do you think

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    Lightbulb Top 100 UK Bars list? What do you think

    heyy guys, this is my first post on the forum and I'm really excited. I love my drinks as I'm sure you all do and I just came across this list on facebook

    The Manchester ones are so spot on but I'm not sure about blackpool. What do you guys think?

    Be niceee please, I'm a newbie.

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    I'm not a professional Northerner but I can run the ruler over:

    Reading - hmmm. Bed Bar has now closed as of last week. Mix is nice enough if you're a cocktail aficionado I guess (I'm not!) so fair enough. The AD is of course a bit legendary as a nightspot but it ain't a bar. A mixed bag, I'd say adding the Alehouse or the Nags Head would have been better.

    Knowing Bristol quite well, I'd say the choices there are a bit closer to what I'd call essential. Seven Stars and Grain Barge are pretty unarguable.

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    Welcome to the forum and glad to hear that you love drinking,most of us here fall into that category !

    It's an interesting list and their selections in York would suit a lot of folk here ,several well know real ale venues.However the Cambridge selection may include fine bars,but does miss out on some wonderful pubs in that city .

    I have to admit that given my age,I normally head for a pub rather than a bar,but I have been in some trendy establishments in the search for outstanding real ale,and even sometimes to give craft keg beer a go.

    If you are more of a "bar" person,you may well end up being the only reviewer of these establishments,which would be a great help for this site.It's a bit of a blind spot for many of us.
    "Good people drink good beer" Hunter S Thompson

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    I don't normally visit places that describe thenselves as "bars" although most Spoons are probably better described as bars rather than pubs.
    The only one I recognise is the Still and West in Portsmouth which was a Gales pub. Why Fullers have called it a "Country House" baffles me. How can you have a Country House right next door to a busy Ferry Terminal?

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    Hi and welcome

    As the guys have said it's, unsurprisingly, pretty much bars not pubs. The York venues are all good places (even if the photo of Pivni isn't of Pivni) but those are mainly pubs, the Liverpool ones are the popular ones from my limited knowledge and I'm surprised to see a Reflex and a Baa Bar on the list. I'd probably have gone for a different list for Leeds but then I'm old.

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    In the London list there's a sprinkling of iconic pubs (e.g. Ye Olde Mitre, Princess Louise) but mostly bars of course. Indeed, many are really more than bars - e.g. The Wam Bam club, and Tonteria are much more, and in fact in the case of the latter I doubt very much that I would be allowed in any bar/club owned by Guy Pelly. On a serious note, our individual choices of drinking venues are very much a personal and subjective matter. I'm just glad that there's something for everyone in London.
    Anyway, thanks for flagging up this list Claireee. It's interesting to gain a glimpse into the side of the drinking world that I pretty much never frequent.

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    I missed the London List! I've been to four, all of which are (or were) pubs. I haven't been to any of them for twenty years at the very least. I can't even remember exactly when I last went to the Spaniards.

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    Hi Claireeee,

    Welcome to the site. Don't let all the" pensioners " put you off !! They are a good bunch..

    I have been in a few on the list. There are lots of bars in Brum that don't appear but are as good as the ones on the list. I do like the Lost and Found - used to be Bennetts.

    The entries for Blackpool seem fair enough to me - I have had some good nights in the Reflex ... Fleck fleck fleck fleck flex ....



    I am a salmon !!

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    Hi Claireeee, just got back from the Great British Beer Festival so slightly tanked up and may have missed a few looking through the list but I have been to a few but most are not my cup of tea and I'm not even a pensioner yet! Best one Iv'e been to recently is the Well And Bucket,modern in a good way.
    By the way ,they've got the Turf Tavern wrong, its in Oxford not Nottingham.
    Welcome to the Pubs Galore.
    "Everybody's got to believe in something. I believe I'll have another beer."

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    Hi Claireee.What do I think? I think you have posted to the wrong site.Those bars are more suitable to Hello Magazine forums. xxx

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