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Next week is the second cask ale week. After a cautious, modest success last year, this year's event should see pubs and brewers promoting cask ale with a little more confidence, and getting great beer a rare outing in mainstream media.

One brewer who already has a radio show lined up has asked me to ask you to help him out. Notwithstanding my poorly written and therefore misunderstood blog about how we shouldn't be trying to make beer the new wine, the question is this:

What arguments would you use to convince a regular wine drinker that they should be drinking beer instead?

I have my own views on this, but what do you think?

For the record, in my previous blog post I wasn't suggesting that you shouldn't attempt to convince wine drinkers to drink beer, just that you shouldn't do it by trying completely to compete with wine on wine's terms. Some people seek flavour and they should already be open to try anything flavoursome - beer, wine, whatever - whereas others drink wine not for its flavour but for image reasons, so trying to convince them about beer's flavour is simply barking up the wrong tree.

But you may disagree.

Either way, if a wine drinker came to you and said, "Why should I drink beer?" What would your reply be?