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I'm not that big a fan of London Pride though I recall way back years ago when the Marble Arch sold it, it was a beer to actively seek out. When I say way back, I'm talking over 25 years ago. Was my enjoyment of it because of its comparative rareness, or was it simply better then? Or maybe we had simpler tastes back in the good old days when hops were a background addition to beer and not the main star? Now it seems one dimensional and sweet, but hey ho, that's how some people like it. What I have noticed though, in the few times I have had it recently, is how thin and generally unappealing it has become - to my palate at least. It doesn't refresh, it cloys. Admittedly most of those times have been in Wetherspoon in London when there has been nothing else I fancy on. When I've moaned on Twitter, I have been advised that I should only have it in Fuller's pubs. I've tried that and really don't find it any better there.

I wonder if the beer really has got worse, or if, in these days of vast choice, I've simply become far more picky? In fact, have too many of us, rather than being discerning, just become too hard to please?

Worryingly, I tend to think the same of Lees Bitter these days too, relying instead on their seasonals or Manchester Pale Ale