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Thread: Beer Festival - Address not recognised

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    Default Beer Festival - Address not recognised

    Trying to add a beer festival but site does not recognise address. Can you add please. Thanks in anticipation

    Thistly Cross Beer Festival
    Belhaven Fruit Farm
    EH42 1RG

    Friday 30 April - Sunday 2 May

    Transport available from various places in East Lothian.

    The Beer Festival Bar will be open all weekend 5 Weekend ticket - complimentery glass, tasting notes and beer score, camping, and travel on festival bus.

    Each Evening from 7pm - Music Event (Folk, Rock, Jazz.) 10 Entry to Music Event only.


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    Hi Edmon,

    We have added the Thistly Cross Beer Festival. You should be able to edit it if I got any of that wrong.

    Also have you checked your Private Messages recently? I sent you some self promotion a little while ago and wanted to make sure you got it.

    Thanks for that.

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