I know some members here held the late Flossie Lane,98 yrs of The Sun Inn ,Leintwardine in high esteem. She ran what was the last parlour pub in England.
It had been decided to commemorate Flossie in a set of wood carvings. For the first time in a century the church Of St. Mary Magdalene in Leintwardine will have a new set of miserichords in the Choir stalls. The carvings will show life life in the past century. Flossie is depicted rolling a barrel amongst other scenes of salmon fishing along the River Teme . The date of installation has not yet been decided but the first will be on show The Sun Inn on April 10th from mid day until being drawn by local children to the church for a service at 5.30 pm and a blessing.
Funding will have to be met by public subscription. Thanks to The Hereford Journal for reporting this story enabling me to pass on the information.