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Thread: running a pub with small children

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    Default running a pub with small children


    My husband and I are about to embark on taking on a lease at a pub it is something we have wanted to do for about 3 years and have finally decided to take the plunge....during that time we have had a lovely litlle girl who is nearly 3 and hoped that someone might have some advice on running a pub with small children. Summer holidays, weekends and after school? how do you juggle both? can you keep them entertained and happy whilst working all the hours needed?

    any help would be greatly appreciated especially from those who are doing just that.


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    Hello Donna,
    My wife and I ran a small pub in Dorset back in 1974/75 when our two girls were 9 and 10. I must admit it was not easy, many times they called down that they were going to bed and we said that we would be up to say goodnight. Then a crowd would come in, or it would be my turn to skittle and then it was closing time and we still hadn't been up to see them. It made us feel quite guilty! And that was the reason we gave up after two years, even though being in a small farming village it was a wonderful life.
    Now my daughters are in their early forties, they regale us with stories about the great times we all had. That era they used to cycle round the quiet country lanes, play with farmers children and go horse-riding with them. So just remember that children can have a wonderful time even when the parents feel guilty about not spending enough time with them.
    I hope I haven't put you off, give it a try and see how it goes, children are very adaptable. Good luck!
    Tony Butler

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