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Thread: Yet another list

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    Quote Originally Posted by oldboots View Post
    Didn’t Wells Fargo bank sue Charles Wells brewery for breach of copyright over Fargo bitter & lose?
    I don't remember that but it was a long time ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sheffield hatter View Post
    Wasn't there a special glass, too? With a handle.
    Again, I don't remember! Jugs were the default until some time in the 80's (I think) and I'm sure I used to drink from them myself. I don't mind people asking to have a jug but I find the modern hipster trend of being given a jug by default very annoying. It's not as annoying as being forced to drink halves or thirds just because the beer's a bit strong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mobyduck View Post
    Yet another London list.
    A reasonable effort from me with 39/50
    A good list with 43/50 for me, minus:

    The Westminster Arms
    The Alexandra
    The White Swan
    The Royal Oak
    The Prince of Greenwich
    Harwood Arms
    The Harp and shameful given that I live in this pub's borough.

    Of those that get an honourable mention, I've been to:

    The Snooty Fox
    The Bill Murray
    The Hawley Arms
    The Lord Stanley
    The Pineapple
    The Black Cap
    The Kings Arms
    The Axe
    The Wells Tavern

    Quote Originally Posted by sheffield hatter View Post
    Well, I hope it's improved since Steve was there in 2017.

    "...a fairly grubby two bar place that gives all the pretence of needing a good clean ... the majority of drinkers had spilled out to block Hanway Street. I largely put this down to the fact that the toilets are also still diabolical and as well as the risk of falling in them the gents were producing such a pong to classify as a double pegger and after 15 minutes in the downstairs bar we joined the hordes in Hanway Street to get some air."
    Bradley's Spanish Bar is a minor London institution and in a way, a must-visit with a trip to the legendarily narrow loo being compulsory. Minus the undoubted deaths of the two Spanish wrestling?/boxing? brothers who ran the place, I doubt it's changed since we hung out there in the late '80s, with the hordes spilling out onto Hanway Street - and this was before the smoking ban! A visit here is a little like eating in Wong Kei - people go not for the food but for the unbelievable rudeness! So yes, it's certainly worth a visit, mainly for the experience but also the great vibe and [probably still] funky jukebox - go before it's gone.
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