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Thread: 34,750 Real Ale pubs!

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    Default 34,750 Real Ale pubs!

    Wow Dave, you have been busy! 10,000 more Real Ale pubs added overnight.
    Now that the lists are more complete, we can see that rural areas and small towns are much better for Real Ale than large cities but the chances of Real Ale decline rapidly when you leave England.

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    Not 100% sure they are accurate though. Went in one added yesterday and 99.9% sure there wasn't any in it but due to my memory, lack of mobile coverage and no wifi I couldn't tick the box while out to confirm correct or indeed incorrect.

    The first pub I was in with no additions other than Dave last night did spook me out somewhat though, now I know it was 10,000 seems a little less spooky and more "oh right, that'll explain it".

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