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On my trip around Huddersfield on Monday afternoon I came across beers that I thought I ought to share with you. If you are about in the Town Centre, and if they are still on the bar, they are well worth a try.

Firstly, on a call in The Cherry Tree, I was amazed to find a beer from Tetleys hiding away on the far bar. Tetleys 'Green Shoots' weighed in at 4.0% and was a light and very drinkable session beer. There was no hint as to where the beer was actually brewed, but the pump clip did show the Tetleys Huntsman logo, so I assume it is a genuine Tetley product, and far better than their usual fayre.

My next call at the Kings Head, (I still want to call it the Station Tavern) provided one of the rare beers brewed by the combination of Oakham and Newby Wyke. This one was 'Guillemot Rock', another light hoppy offering but this time at 4.8%. It brought out all the hop character that one associates with these two well known breweries and is well worth searching out. It will even suit Will with its bird theme !!

At the Sportsman, I was leaning against the bar surveying the pumps when my eye was caught by a Duval pump clip which was unfamiliar to me. Duval 'Green' was a 6.8% beer, again light and refreshing and very smooth and moreish. The only draw back being the 3 asking price per half, but again worth a try.

Incidentally, talking of the so called lager fonts at the Sportsman, there is Outstanding 'Pilsner' nesting among them and is another light and hoppy beer to sample, and is a good example of the style.

So, if you are about in the Town, may be worth looking in the Northern end of Town for something a bit different.