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Being old, I remember this Slade number and used to enjoy it a lot. I still do. What I do not enjoy though is being blasted my modrn techno music in an ordinary pub at five o'clock on a Saturday afternoon. And when I say blasted, I mean it. You couldn't hear a bloody word.

Saturday before last, after watching a friend perform at the Friends Meeting House, four of us were heading for a meal pre booked in central Manchester. We had 45 minutes to spare, so a pint seemed a good idea. Being near Holt's refurbished Ape and Apple, I suggested there. The Ape and Apple used to be a fairly traditional boozer with a mixed clientele, mostly on the more mature side. It was younger as a pub than it looked, but the sort of solid, dark wooded place you associate with Joeys. It was the venue of the Gasman's Annual Piss Up of which I wrote here and of their monthly meetings too.

Now the Gasmen don't meet there any more. It changed and not for the better it seems. I forgot this and when entering, observed it had been tarted up in a cheap way to look brighter, but not nicer, but it was packed, so no doubt had achieved its financial purpose, though it was rarely quiet before. There was no music on when we entered, so we made our way to the bar and then the "music" started. My friend was ordering and had to repeat himself before the barman could make out what he was saying. We retreated to near the door, but conversation was impossible, so we supped up as quickly as we could and left. There wasn't a seat to be had in the place incidentally. So I guess it says as much about us as those who chose to stay and suffer it.

I tweeted Holts who promptly replied that I could have requested they "turn it down a notch". I replied it needed many notches turning down and that I didn't go out of an afternoon to engage in a discussion about too much music noise that was unlikely to end well and that it simply shouldn't have been like that in the first place. I also said I wouldn't be back and I won't be. Music in pubs is divisive, but this was in excess by any standard. and given the time of day, the clientèle and the type of music, completely inappropriate.

The Mild was "off" too. Unsurprisingly. It wouldn't have been in the Gasmen days.

Now even if it had been Slade I wouldn't have stayed such was the volume, but it was techno stuff with a repeated base like someone continually knocking on your head with a polisman's baton.