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All pictures courtesy of Riverhead/Ossett
A pale ale created to celebrate International Women's Collaboration Brew Day will soon be on sale in Marsden and beyond.
Unite Pale Ale, 4%, was made around the world to the same recipe by mainly British and American brewsters to raise awareness of women working in the industry.
Locally Lisa Handforth, of Riverhead Brewery, devoted seven hours of her time to create her version of Unite.
I say her version, but more precisely it was very much a group effort as Riverhead put out a call for volunteers.
Lisa told us: "Throughout the day I had about 20 visitors to the brewery with a core of five friends helping all day.
"The beer brewed on Saturday is still conditioning and will be racked on Friday, then it will be available within a couple of weeks at The Riverhead Brewery Tap and in other Ossett pubs."
Lisa generously donated a day's wages to a local good cause and we understand parent company Ossett Brewery also made a contribution.
She added: "We raised a total of £251 for Huddersfield Womens Aid."
If you want to try the beer then keep an eye on the Riverhead's bar over the coming weeks.
The pub, on Peel Street, is located downhill from Marsden Railway Station. The village is also well-served by buses.
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To learn more about the international brewsters' effort then check out CNN's post about the event: