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Harry's Bar boss Louise Waters with the trophy & her team
On Monday I was one of many who raised a glass to Harry's Bar - Wakefield CAMRA's newly crowned pub of the year.
It was announced last month that the city centre bar had won the competition, but on Monday landlady Louise Waters and her team were presented with the ornate trophy.
Five Towns Brewery, of Outwood,also marked the achievement by creating a POTY beer. So it was only right to to start with that.
POTY was a 3.4% pale beer made with Galaxy hops. Yes, I've typed that right, a 3.4% beer from the 'nice potentate' of dangerously drinkable strong ales.
I like galaxy and Five Towns, so this was always going to win with me. I followed it up with the same brewery's house beer, HB. A 3.9% easy drinking sessioner, which has become a favourite of mine and others of late.
Now, the brewer himself, Malcolm Bastow, had walked in by this point. But try as we might, we couldn't get him to divulge what's in it.
It is one of three permanent guests at Harry's, the others being Moorhouse's Pride of Pendle 4.1% and Bob's White Lion 4.3%. There are also guests and a rotating cider pump.
Harry's Bar. Picture: Louise Waters
Incidentally Bob Hunter, of Bob's Brewing Co in Ossett, also came to the award presentation, as did Barry Smith, of Tiger Tops. Their names were among several emblazoned on a poster commemorating the pub's win.

The award itself was presented mid-evening by Wakefield CAMRA chairman Albert Bradbury who handed over the mirrored trophy to landlady Louise. Albert revealed the contest for pub of the year had been a close run thing with The Angler's Rest narrowly missing out on the main prize.
Louise gave a 'thank you' speech and then called her team from behind the bar over to share in the celebrations. She's has recently publicly stated that her 'amazing staff' is one of the reasons behind the pub's success. The others being the quality of the ale and the loyal customers.
For my final beer of the presentation night, where beers were £2 a pint, I went for another name on the poster, Ilkley Brewery's Lotus IPA.
This 5.6% golden beer, according to the Ilkley website, is made with cascade and summit hops and has won SIBA awards. I wasn't aware of its track record when I drank it. I just thought it was a good strong beer to finish a fine school-night session in the Merrie City.
Pump clip image courtesy of Ilkley Brewery
That brings me neatly to another Ilkley Beer on display in Wakefield this weekend. Their Siberia Rhubarb Saison is just one of several "triangle" beers available during the Wakefield Rhubarb Festival (Friday, February 21 to Sunday, February 23).
The Siberia is going to be available in bottles from the Bier Huis pop up bar/stall near the cathedral and The Ridings. It is just one of five rhubarb beers on offer. It joins a rhubarb IPA from France and two more local brews made with the key ingredient from the rhubarb triangle.
These are Hamelsworde Brewery's Dame Ruby Rhubarb (which I believe will be available on draught and in bottles) and Five Town's Roo-Barb in bottles. I believe Harry's Bar has a cask of the Five Towns. I'm told casks of both these beers have also gone to The Unicorn in Carlton, where the rhubarb was grown.
As for the fifth beer, well there is only so much beer information I can store in my head. So I'll have to pay a visit to the mobile version of Bier Huis tomorrow and report back.
Getting there:
Wakefield Festival of Food, Drink and Rhubarb is centred in the precinct area around Wakefield Cathedral.
Harry's Bar is a bit trickier to find. It's set back from the junction of Westgate and Smyth Street. If you are heading there from Wakefield Westgate railway station then turn right (out of the new station) head along Mulberry Way to the junction with Westgate. Across the road you will see a car park. Head diagonally right across the car park to a pizza place called Prego. Then head along the passageway and after The Old Printworks pub is Harry's Bar. It's well worth seeking out.