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Thread: Champion Winter Ales of Britain

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    Default Champion Winter Ales of Britain

    Results of the cmpetiton at Derby


    Gold - Dunham Massey, Dunham Porter

    Silver - Cairngorm, Black Gold

    Bronze - Exe Valley, Winter Glow

    Old Ale/Strong Mild

    1st - Exe Valley, Winter Glow

    2nd - Beowulf, Dark Raven

    3rd - Grainstore, Rutland Beast


    1st - Dunham Massey, dunham Porter

    2nd - Ayr, Rabbie's Porter

    3rd - Batemans, Salem Porter


    1st - Cairngorm, Black Gold

    2nd - Ascot Ales, Anastasia's Exile Stout

    3rd - Marble, Stouter Stout

    Barley Wine/Strong Old Ale

    1st - Kinver, Over The Edge

    2nd - Moor, Old Freddy Walker

    3rd - Green Jack, Ripper Triple

    3rd - Highland, Orkney Porter
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    Quote Originally Posted by oldboots View Post
    Results of the cmpetiton at Derby


    Gold - Dunham Massey, Dunham Porter
    Was ROBCamra on the judging panel again?!

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    Blimey. According to my beer lists for 2012 and 2013 the only two I've tried are the Salem Porter and the Dunham Porter. I'll have to keep an eye out for the others - assuming pubs can actually get their hands on some.
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    Only one I've tried was the Anastasia's Exile, and that in bottled form.
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    Eight for me.All drank in London pubs.The only one I didn't like was Old Freddy Walker.Tasted like bad medicine.Also had a version with sloe berries even worse.Although I don't really like barley wines so don't let me put you off.It usually sells for about £3.00 a half so that might put you off.

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    I have just checked through and the only one I haven't had is the Highland Orkney Porter.
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