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This is a test to see if you lot actually read what is on 'A Swift One'. If you do, you are no doubt (or may be have even already done it) girding your loins, getting the wet weather gear out, and heading down to this weekend's festival at The White Cross at Bradley. Ey, what, has Timbo finally lost the plot I hear you say .Nay - I said - do you read our posts properly ? Did you see 'Ale Ambler's' beer list for the above festival ? Yes you say. But did you read it properly, I say ? (anyway enough of this Dickensian nonsense)

If you did you may have noticed a brewery called 'Lower Quarry' and a beer called 'Bradley Dark'. For those in the know, Lower Quarry Road is just at the back of the White Cross - hence the brewery name; Bradley is the area of Huddersfield where Lower Quarry Rd is situated, hence 'Bradley Dark'. It all makes sense now doesn't it.

I took a trip down today to sample it - unfortunately my photos did not do it justice - but it was a very drinkable dark beer, with a decent malty background and enough strength to give it some body. Not a session beer but a beer to be treated with a certain amount of respect. And a pretty good beer for the first one out of the brewery.

I have no details of the brewery at all - but if it continues to brew beer of the quality of this one it should be a welcome acquisition to the local brewing scene, and it makes a change to find a brewery on the northern side of town. We will keep you posted.