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Thread: Barcelona

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    Default Barcelona

    Looks increasingly likely that we'll be ticketless waifs in Barcelona next month.
    Any good pub/bar suggestions that may help allay that frustration would be gratefully received...


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    A few football themed bars near the ground, most covered with Barca memorabilia. Obviously get very crowded near to k.o time but if you make it up that way when its not too busy most are quite friendly & a fair chance of some football banter.
    Nearer to the City, Barcelonetta has a mixture of dive local bars & touristy haunts. Stroll down Las Ramblas, its an experience but avoid any bars or restaurants they will rip you off. Good luck City.

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    A bit off theme Trainman , but one key bit of advice when in Barcelona is watch out for your wallet and mobile..
    The dippers there are at the top of their class, especially those teams that work the tourist areas such as Las Ramblers and the underground.
    A favorite is the diversion technique where some young kid will spit on your coat as they walk past you and then this friendly old man will appear by you apologizing profusely whilst he rubs your coat with a hankie with one hand, whilst he lifts your wallet with his other..
    Work is the curse of the drinking Class - Oscar Wilde

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