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With thanks to the Huddersfield Examiner, 'The Bloke From Hull' (he gets everywhere !) brings our attention to the demise of yet another Huddersfield pub and another area where the beer choice has been restricted to just one pub.

In the middle of next month the last pint will be pulled at the 'Royal Oak' in Paddock and it will join its fellows 'The Angel', 'The Tam o'Shanter' and 'The Commercial' into oblivion. The only bright spot being the reopening of 'The Ship' before Christmas, but only initially on a one year lease. There are a couple of clubs but it seems that Paddock will become a beer desert before long.

I do not propose to enter the financial arguments as to why this happens - I think we can all have a guess at why anyway but it is getting the norm rather than the exception for the town's suburbs to loose their watering holes. I was brought up in Crosland Moor, plenty of pubs there in the 'olden days' - there are two left up the Moor now - the same applies to Waterloo, Lockwood, Deighton, Birkby and many others.

I can look back on pubs being closed and demolished to expand the ring road, or build pointless shopping centres in the town centre. There are a part of our heritage, part of our growing up, and hold a place in our consciousness, the same has now blighted the out of town areas.

We need to save what we have left - before it is too late to save them - and we need to return the pub to its proper place - the focal point of a community.