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Thread: First crawl of London 23.3.10

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    Default First crawl of London 23.3.10

    Our plan was to start south and work north back to Marylebone, so we headed first to Pimlico. We arrived at the Cask Pub & Kitchen at 11.30 but it opened 12.00 so we made our way to London Bridge.

    First drink of the day was at the Rake. Not been open long and empty so we got a couple of beers and sat outside. Beartown Bear Ass was ok but the Triple FFF Moondance was very cloudy. The two halves cost £3.10. Beers were drinkable. The third pump had Cotleigh 25 and there was a good bottle selection of foreign beers, also some on draught.

    Next was the Market Porter round the corner. Loved this place not just for the beer selection but it had a good feel to it. We found seats at a table round the back of the pub. Although really one space, it has lots of separate seating areas. Amazing pump clip collection on walls ceilings – in fact all over. There were 4 beers out of about 11 we had not had before and we were aiming at 2 per pub, but ended up having Little Valley Pontus Hebdanus, Everards Flourish and Robinsons Dragons Fire. £1.60 per half here.

    Our third was the Wheatsheaf. On our way we met Sheila and her husband that we know from various beer festivals. Couldn’t believe we met someone we know when we are strangers in London. Amazing! They were going to the Wenlock, and we said we intended to get there too and might see them there. There were a few steps down to to the Wheatsheaf and the ceiling gave it a cellar feel being painted brickwork. There were 10 pumps and we selected Nethergate Redcar Best Bitter and Tring Ducketts Delight at £3.15. The room layout was good and there were a couple of small rooms with just one big table in each. Food menu was impressive and reasonable. There was an area with a dartboard. Impressive clean and tidy pub.

    Back to Pimlico for the Cask Pub & Kitchen as I wanted to try this one. Light airy looking clean pub with 8 pumps and although we had had all the beers available before there was a good range with 3 Thornbridge, 2 Dark Star and 3 other micros. Foreign beers were on draught and in bottles. Friendly staff and we were drawn into conversation with some of the customers too. Enjoyed 2 well kept ales, Triple FFF Pressed Rat and Warthog, and Hopdaemon Incubus. For £3.25.

    Tube again to the Wenlock Arms and this was a busy friendly pub with a good selection of ales. Had the doorstep sandwiches and they were brilliant. 4 beers we hadn’t had before among the selection so had to chose, so enjoyed 2 well kept beers, Oxfordshire Neck & Neck and Weltons Voters Revenge. Many people spoke to us there and it was a pub I could feel really at home in.

    As The Eagle was on our way we looked in, but Deuchers IPA, Black Sheep and London Pride only offerings, so we passed.

    We went to The Old Fountain which was very different style to those we had been in. Carpeted on 2 levels with a bar in each displaying the 8 beers available. We found 2 new ones Red Squirrel Springfield IPA and Cottage Between the Posts. Cheapest so far at £2.95.

    Caught a bus to the Charles I pub as we heard they served Brodies beers, and were pleased to find 3 of their beers new to us. Mild, Californian and West End best. Enjoyed the ales. £4.80 for the 3 halves. It was very busy here with a nice atmosphere.

    Another bus to Doric Arch. This was a Fullers House, and we hoped to get their new beer Bengal Lancer, but it had gone just before we got there. Had the Kelham Island Pale Rider and chatted with a couple who knew a lot of the Midland pubs we get around to. We had to go upstairs to get to this one which was a bit off putting, but it was a vibrant pub. Maybe we had gone in the back door, but if so it was well lit up.

    A short walk round the corner and we were at our final pub, the Bree Loiuse. We liked this one and it had a cheery atmosphere that enveloped us as soon as we got in. Lots of beers on gravity and we found 3 new to us, but could only manage 2 by now, so enjoyed Marstons Sweet Chariot only tried in bottles before, and Two Bridges O’Stout. Only paid £2.80 for them as they give a good discount for CAMRA members. Very busy as the evening was getting on, and the tables on the pavement outside popular under a canopy despite the rain, giving a continental feel.

    I want to thank all who suggested pubs to us, and sorry if we did not make some of the suggestions. Ray walks with a stick so we were a little slow with stairs in the undergrounds, but we really enjoyed our first beer tour of London, and have a good reason to come back. I felt quite emotional at the end of the evening as I just could not believe how we could meet up with folk who knew us when we were strangers in the city. Thank you to all who made our day with their suggestions. We will be back. I will now embarrass myself trying to upload photos taken of the pubs



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    That's what I call good use of a Travelcard! A brilliant choice of pubs - you've probably ticked off most of the essential ones in town, including the Old Fountain that even I haven't manged to get to yet. I think the biggest feat of the day though must be finding an empty seat in the Market Porter.

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