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Thread: Miscellaneous name changes.

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    Default Miscellaneous name changes.

    Belsize Tavern

    Now called XO.

    Westbourne House

    Now called No. 65 & King.

    The Zeppelin Shelter

    This pub is now called The Black Horse.

    26 Smithfield

    Now called Bird of Smithfield.

    White Horse

    Now called White Lyan.

    Grand Union

    Now called Hoxley & Porter.

    Hobgoblin (Devonshire Arms)

    Now just called The Devonshire Arms.

    The Herbert Chapman

    This pub is now called Filthy's.

    The House

    This place is now called Smokehouse.

    Dusk Till Dawn

    This pub is now called The Archway Tavern.

    Annies Bar

    Now called Hoot 'n' Annies.

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