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Thread: Basingstoke "Villages"

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    Default Basingstoke "Villages"

    There are two so called villages under the Basingstoke post town - "Popley" and "Oakridge", unlike the other villages listed these are really just big housing estates or areas in the new town. In the interests of consistency it might be better to merge the pubs there into Basingstoke and delete the "village" entries. There are other pubs in these two areas which are listed as Basingstoke, and there are similar areas, (eg Buckskin, Brighton Hill, Blackdam,) which have pubs but don't have a village entry.
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    Yes "oldboots" Basingstoke has"nt been a village for about 50 years now ! and it just one big town now although Oakridge has been redeveloped and is now called Oakridge Village for some reason as you would never see it on escape to the country !!
    PS Just to let you know the Pen & Parchment or the (Pen & Punchup) as it was known locally has been demolished
    and the Barbican is currently closed !

    Oh my good gawd terry

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    Hi ob, winchesterclub,

    Well moved those 2 back into Basingstoke and got rid of the villages, I wasn't sure if the suggestion was that Oakridge was a village now, or if they had just chucked that onto the housing estates name, and guessed at the second. Also I have marked The Barbican and Pen & Parchment as closed.

    Thanks both for all those,

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