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I was going to call this post "Drinking my cellar". Then I realised it wasn't strictly accurate. Because my stock of beer is actually spread around my living room floor. The drinking part is spot on.

Why am I drinking my lying-around-on-the-floor beer? Because of the ZBF. Going there, I didn't have chance to visit Ton Overmars on Saturday. To pick up my weekly supply of St. Bernardus. I get back too late during the week. No option, then, but to drink what I already have. It's an eclectic mix of gifts, things brought back from holidays and random purchases from De Bierkoning.

I've an idea. I'll bore you by naming them all. Naah. Too much work. But there's a Black Damnation in there. And a Stone XIII, Goudenband, a home-brewed AK, Mackeson, Tsarina Esra Reserva, Sierra Nevada Harvest, a couple of Schorsbräu things, Podge Imperial Stout and Guinness Special Export. Not to forget a can of Gold Label. I hope it will see me through till the weekend.

Not sure why I shared that with you. Just-of-work euphoria, perhaps.

Back to the dusty tomes again tomorrow.

Apologies for the blurry photo. Time for the Simpsons and I need to hurry.