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A few months ago the blog showcased a new brewery from Sheffield who, we said, produced wonderful hoppy bitters. Now they are back with a formidable stout, get it while you can.

The 'Steel City Brewery' is a bit unusual. It is the work of two beer enthusiasts from the city, Gazza Prescott and Dave 'Unpronouncable' and they brew on other people's plants. The first two beers were brewed at the Brew Co brewery, the third has appeared from Little Ale Cart.

It has been around for some time but I have only just managed to track it down, or rather it tracked me down, turning up on the bar at the Star. It was worth the wait. 'Black no1' weighs in at 5% and is everything you would want in a stout.

It is black, obviously. It is bitter, as would be expected from the brewers pedigrees. But behind this it brings out all the tastes one looks for, but rarely finds, in a dark beer. There is the roastiness of the malt, and coffee flavour, with a hint of licquorice, and other flavours I cannot put my finger on. All in all, it is a superb example of its type.

I know the brewers have been adding things to make other barrels special, a version with port was at the Harlequin in Sheffield a while ago, and I know there have been other experiments but have always managed to miss them. If you want to taste the original though, hot foot it to The Star, it will not be on the bar for long.You will not be disappointed.