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Thread: Beer of the Week (w/e 8th December 2013)

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    Default Beer of the Week (w/e 8th December 2013)

    Bucking Fastard: Oakham Green Devil IPA
    Real Ale Ray: Ludlow Gold
    Aqualung: Hopcraft Discotti Porter
    Mobyduck: Siren Craft Gordons Strong
    oldboots: Magic Rock Rapture
    london calling: Arbor Pirates Badger Attack
    Wittenden: Pig and Porter Ashburnham Pale Ale
    hondo: Orkney Brewery Clootie Dumpling
    Thuck Phat: Purity Saddle Black
    aleandhearty: Okells Manx Pale Ale
    ROBCamra: Loch Lomond Silkie Stout
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    Drinking pre and post match on two occasions led to most of the consumption.

    Dark Star --- Six Grain
    Dark Star --- American Pale Ale
    Dark Star --- Revelation
    Mc Mullens -- Country Bitter
    Dark Star --- Coconut Porter
    Oakham --- Green Devil IPA
    Kissing Gate --- Chennai IPA
    Harviestoun --- Sleigh Rider

    A good pop at a variety of Dark Star beers but they were topped to BOTW by Oakham Green Devil IPA on top form in The George,Croydon. Resinous nose,nettles and deep bitterness and far too drinkable for a 6%.

    Next week a bit of boating down to Braunston,so a mini tour of Rugby is on the cards which is a very reliable real ale town these days.
    "Good people drink good beer" Hunter S Thompson

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    Ludlow - Gold

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    Only a small selection this week :-

    Titanic Deck The Halls 4.2%
    Adnam's Ghost Ship 4.5%
    Clouded Minds Hazelnut Porter 4.5%
    Hopcraft Iron Red 4.6%
    Hopcraft Discotti Porter 4.8%
    Clarence & Frederick's Strong Mild 4.8%
    Belleville Common Side Pale 5.0%
    WJ King IPA 5.2%
    Hook Norton Twelve Days 5.3%
    Triple fff I Can't Remember Porter 6.0%
    Elland / Thwaite's Celebration Porter 6.5%

    Some of these were average and nothing truly outstanding. The Celebration Porter is a Spoon's Xmas guest ale and appears to be the Elland 1872 Porter but brewed by Thwaites. This and the Triple fff porter were good but pipped by the Hopcraft Discotti Porter (£2.60 in the Leyton King William). It's a coffee porter with a big coffee hit to it. There was only two bog standard Brodie's beers on in the William this week, apparently they are struggling to keep up with demand. The Hopcraft beers are a good substitute.

    BOTW Hopcraft Discotti Porter

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    Out saving pubs and enjoying it.


    Darkstar- Hophead
    Castle Rock -Harvest Pale
    Longdog- Bunny Chaser
    Hawkshead- Pale
    Springhead- Drop O The Black Stuff
    Buxton Dark Nights
    Marble Best
    Siren Craft Liquid Mistress
    Siren Craft- Gordons Strong
    Cheshire Brewhouse -Lindow Black Lake
    Westerham -Gods Wallop
    London Fields- Black Frost Stout
    London Fields- Black Path Porter
    Bull And Last/ELB Collaboration- So Solid Brew
    Howling Hops -Chocolate Stout
    Clarkshaws -Phoenix Rising

    Some interesting beers in my list and some strong competition this week courtesy of The Nags Head in Reading on Friday followed up by a trip around Kentish Town and Gospel Oak yesterday.

    BOTW is Siren Craft Gordons Strong 8.5%, a seriously good brewery.
    "Everybody's got to believe in something. I believe I'll have another beer."

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    A few interesting beers and close at the top but Magic Rock Rapture is the one.

    Theakstons Best Bitter
    York Guzzler
    Pennine Bitter
    Copper Dragon Golden Pippin
    Brecon Brewing Gold Beacon
    Ossett Yorkshire Blonde
    Ossett Treacle Stout
    Salamander Golden Salamander
    Salamander Dogs of War Stout
    Wells A Good Stuffing
    Copper Dragon North Star
    Wharfebank Camfell Flame
    First Chop Doc
    Roosters Baby Faced Assassin
    Theakstons XB
    Magic Rock Rapture
    Knaresborough Smoked Milk Stout
    Pennine Natural Gold
    Gt Newsome Holderness Dark Mild

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    This Space For Hire
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    Just a few sampled this week
    arbor -pirates badger attack
    highland -Amarillo
    milestone -harry porter
    yates -ysd
    Bristol beer -upa
    nottinghill -porter
    wj kings -warrior
    downton -wheat stout
    dunham massey -landlady
    buxton -Jacobs ladder
    weihenstephaner -weisse
    fullers -black cab
    brains -stout
    coors -blue moon
    goose island -312 wheat
    Caledonian -champion no1 ale
    purity -saddle black
    Portobello -white
    broughtons -dark dunter
    3 friends -amber
    magic rock -chipotle punchline
    hawkshead -great white
    roosters -high treason
    acorn -bishops ipa
    head in a hat -topper
    head in a hat -toppee
    c+fredricks -smoked red
    redwell -ipa
    and the best was the keg Arbor -pirates badger attack at the new Brewdog Shepherds Bush.
    cheers john

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    Two pales equals one bucket?
    Pig and Porter-Ashburnham Pale Ale 3.9%abv:a commanding straight and narrow pale ale with spicy English hops.
    Goody Ales-Bleangate Brewery-Good Life 3.9%abv :another pale ale masquerading as a golden. Complex, with end taste of candied blackcurrants.Not as cloying as my description might imply.
    Very close between them, my nomination going to Pig and Porter, as I'd found the PA equally good earlier in the year. The cuckoo brewery has landed in the former royal Tunbridge Wells Brewery.Pig and Porter Ashburnham Pale Ale-my BOTW
    "At that moment I would have given a kingdom, not for champagne or hock and soda, or hot coffee but for a glass of beer" Marquess Curzon of Kedlestone, Viceroy of India.

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    Orkney Brewery - Clootie Dumpling
    "Do I know where hell is? hell is in hello"

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    From the following:

    Purity Saddle Black
    Marble Manchester
    Oakham Citra, Bishops Farewell
    Titanic Plum Porter
    Blackwater Holly Bush

    It's between the Saddle Black, Purity's first black beer and the Holly Bush, brewed by Salopian's Blackwater. Similar in style with both being black, malty to start but with bitter enough finishes to make you want more. Judged to be porters by those who tried them but that may reflect more on the paunchy middle aged judges rather than the beers.
    BOTW Purity Saddle Black, just few more hops than the Holly Bush and flew the 3 pint test at 5.1%.

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