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Thread: A brief history of PuG crawls.

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    Default A brief history of PuG crawls.

    I always feel that one of the (many) great features of Pubsgalore are the frequent pub crawls that the members organise.I thought it worth noting down the list of past venues, hopefully the list will continue to grow as the years progress.I also thought it would be useful for new forum contributors to be aware of past venues when discussing future targets for these very sociable meet ups.It would be good to encourage new attendees.The more ,the merrier.

    I have looked back to crawls advertised on the forum where at least 3 PuGers have met up,but please put me right if I have missed any out,I recall a tour of Bath but unsure if it was "official".


    12th November -- Birmingham
    22nd November -- The Falcon,Clapham Junction


    6th Feb -- Bath
    1st July -- Winchester and Cheriton
    19th October -- Leytonstone
    11th November -- Nottingham


    2nd March -- Liverpool
    30th March -- Norwich
    25th May -- Carshalton
    5th October -- Black Country Coach Tour


    22nd March -- Leicester
    13th July -- Reading
    24th July -- Otley
    22nd November -- Leeds


    8th February -- London (Liverpool Street,Bethnal Green Road,Hoxton and Islington)
    21st March -- Worcester
    13th June -- Rugby
    14th July -- Sheffield - A birthday crawl for Will
    14th November -- Bristol


    27th March -- York
    17th July -- St Albans
    13th November -- Derby


    18th March -- Hull
    22nd July -- Oxford
    18th November -- Huddersfield


    25th March -- London Bus Route 38,Clapton - Angel.
    23rd June -- Wellington and stations towards Wolverhampton.
    17th November -- Stockport


    23rd March -- Brighton
    15th June -- Newcastle under Lyme
    12th October -- Manchester


    29th March -- Portsmouth
    12th July -- Sheffield
    18th October -- Shrewsbury
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