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A few weeks ago I wrote about the nearest JDW to my flat in London and remarking on how much it had improved. Seems I may have spoken too soon about the Goodmans Field.

A couple of weeks ago we popped in on the way home and though I can't remember the beer names, I ordered pint of whatever this guest beer was. It was extremely murky. I queried it and asked for a replacement. The next guest beer was identically murky, as was the beer from a third pump. The poor barman obviously had no idea what was going on and asked if I'd like to see the manager. I would. I was assured that I had just struck an unlucky co-incidence and that they had all reached the end of the barrel at the same time. I may just have looked doubtful. "Hmm" I thought. "OK. I'll have a London Pride". You are probably way ahead of me. It was like electric soup. Another co-incidence I was advised. So I had a pint of the cruel Heineken.

A couple of days later I called in again, reasoning that it would all be new beers by then. My ordered pint of Vale Misty Hop was cloudy. I wasn't going through all that again, so tasting it gingerly, it wasn't that bad. "Misty Hop" I thought. "Wonder if it is meant to be cloudy?" The Blogosphere didn't know, so I emailed the brewery. This what they said "Misty Mountain Hop should be served crystal clear." Now my first thought was to bubble this mob to Cask Marque and I will if next week when I'm in London, I call in and there is the slightest doubt about the beer. But it may just be they had a disasterous weekend in the cellar and its a one off. I'm a kind sort underneath, though there is no excuse for selling under par beer, which they were quite blatently doing. My second thought was about the Misty Hop. I had thought that this might have been one of those daft beers that are meant to be served cloudy? I didn't know and the name hinted that it might.

Nonetheless when an old hand like me can be well and truly fooled by the possibility of badly kept beer being this new fangled "unfined beer" or whatever they call it, what's happening to other poor innocents? Are they being fooled too?

I'm not a fan of unfined beer as you can probably tell.