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Our walk yesterday took us to Brick Lane and its chaotic market scene. Negotiating a way through the food stalls selling street food at inflated prices isn't easy and reminded us why we don't usually go there on a Sunday.

One bright spot in this chaos is the Pride of Spitalfields in Heneague St, which still seems to me a proper East End local. The bright spot within this bright spot is that it serves Crouch Vale Brewer's Gold. Or does it? Far too often when I go in the clip is turned round. Enquiries usually get an answer along the lines of "Oh we haven't got any. It always sells out." Thus it was yesterday.We didn't bother asking and we didn't have a drink, Pride being a poor substitute for the zingy, hoppy, beer we craved. Listen guys, here's an idea. If it sells so bloody well and your customers like it so much, get some more of it!

So it was onwards and upwards, to the Carpenter's Arms, which I've written about before. This time it was bustling, with Sunday lunches flying out and an odd collection of customers, most of whom looked as though they'd smeared themselves with superglue and ran through a wardrobe, such was the oddity of their attire. (Fashion has passed me by you will perceive.) Disappointingly Duvel Green has disappeared, replaced by Kostritzer Schwartzbier. There is also a great collection of very expensive bottles, with some good stuff hidden amongst the dross. Quilmes anyone? On handpump there is two Adnam's beers and TT landlord. I had a couple of pints of Oyster Stout which was in great nick, dark, full bodied, dry and moreish, though a sparkler would have elevated it greatly.

Going back was easier. The crowds had diminished somewhat, so we headed to the Chamberlain Hotel to try Bengal Lancer again. Alas it was not to be. This flagship Fuller's pub had ran out of both Lancer and Discovery which was E's choice. Huh. Again we weren't going to drink Pride, so we finished off the weekend's drinking early, with Old Rosie cider for me and a Pinot Grigio for her. In JDW of course!