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Way out of our jurisdiction this one but nevertheless York is a very popular drinking destination with a few of our less impoverished readers.

Ossett Brewery's first North Riding enterprise sees them setting up shop opposite the diminutive Blue Bell at the top of Fossgate, providing the walled city with it's it's first real ale pizzaria.

All the hallmarks of classic Ossett restoration can be found in this deceptively large venue where live music and comedy will feature regularly.

The usual beer policies apply with at least four ales from the stable and a similar number of guests, many from local breweries, sharing the bar with an interesting range of craft keg.

Initially the first Wednesday of the month will be comedy night and £15 gets you a ticket to the 'club' at the rear and includes a pizza baked in the kitchens impressive new stone-baking facility.

Check out the website for details.