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This week’s Hop Press post looks at how some beers benefit from a certain dispense. For example, a 4% pale ale hand-pulled from the cask will very likely be better than the equivalent in a bottle, while a big US-style IPA will probably benefit from the extra juice given from a keg.

The post is inspired by drinking BrewDog’s new Hardcore IPA at The Rake. It’s a good beer and was dispensed from the keg, but in comparison to drinking similar IPAs in California, the temperature was just a little too warm to best show off the beer (or, the beer was a little too Hardcore for the English kegs). Then, out of the bottle it was different and worked well, maybe better.

Is some beer better from particular dispenses? Would something like Orval work from the cask? Would kegged Landlord appeal? Are some beers better from the bottle than draught?

Here’s the full post.