The Spreadeagle Hotel should be two words: Spread Eagle. (I think "spreadeagle" would be a verb rather than a noun, anyway.)

I don't normally bother about correcting definite articles, but I think Church Green should have one. (It's on the sign but missing on the front of the building, and looks better IMHO.)

Both the Statham Lodge Hotel and The Lymm Hotel appear to me to be hotels rather than pubs. Neither of them tries to attract drinkers, both having brown tourist signs at road junctions that have the bed symbol rather than the glass of wine symbol. The Lymm hotel mentions "conference and banqueting suites and restaurant" on the sign outside, no mention of a public bar. The Statham does mention bar meals on its sign, but it's a bit of a stretch from that to describing it as a pub. (And, sorry, no I didn't try to get a drink there - it just didn't seem worth getting off the bus for!) I know you don't like deleting entries that have had photos added to them, but these two really are not pubs, in my view.