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As promised, and purely in the interests of research, you understand, I look a trip to The Navigation festival at Mirfield yesterday. I had no previous knowledge of what was on offer there, but having been to previous festivals there I was hoping for plenty of new beers to try. I went with my 'tickers' hat on.

On my arrival I was slightly surprised when I saw the beer list. It was dominated by local Yorkshire beers, nothing wrong there, some very decent beers on offer, but it lacked the wow ! factor. I had sampled the majority of those available before. In fact, speaking to staff there, the fact a festival took place was a credit to Kev and his team as their beer supplier had let them down a week before, and they had to source what they could to fill the 30 odd pumps hence the preponderence of local and regular beers. They did, and the festival took place. But it got me thinking.

Do I, or we as tickers, expect too much from a festival ? Do we just go to collect the new beers we want and leave, or do we enjoy what is there and enjoy the day ? I must admit, in my case it depends how far I have travelled. In this case, I did not stay long but it was local. Had it been miles away I may have been tempted to hang on a socialise with my like minded fellows.

But what makes us select which festivals to visit ? This year has been different for me because of the plethora of new festivals in the north east to visit, new places and usually plenty of new beers. However, locally I am more selective. I make my choice initially on the beer lists, should they be available, or on the distance to travel and the cost of entry pro rata for available 'ticks'. It is not worthwhile or cost effective to travel miles for just a couple of beers - so I tend not to visit them, and I miss out on some very good events because of this. Others I know, are happy just to visit a festival because it is there. They do not 'tick' beers but just enjoy the varied selection on offer.

So who is right ? Maybe we all are, we visit for our own reasons,and enjoy them accordingly. Long may they continue. See you at the festival at Huddersfield this coming week !