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'While Yorkshire is known across the world for its beer, the hops used to brew those beers have rarely if ever been grown in Yorkshire itself. British hops, while internationally renowned, have historically been grown in Kent and the West Midlands. Until now!

For the first time in generations, hops are now being grown commercially in Yorkshire. Started in 2012 near the north bank of the River Humber, Yorkshire Hops ( has this year produced its first commercial harvest.

Ossett Brewery is proud to announce that it is one of a handful of brewers privileged to have received some of the precious crop! Harvested on the 9thSeptember, twenty kilos of fresh First Gold hops were collected from the farm to be turned into beer the following day.

The precious cargo of hops was rushed to Ossett Brewery’s subsidiary Rat Brewery in Huddersfield and on the 10thof September 2013 they were used to brew a brand new beer, Yorkshire Rat!

Yorkshire Rat will be a 4.0% abv easy-drinking pale ale. With the fresh green hops added to the brew at the end of the boil, citrus, spicy and grassy hop aromas should result. This is a very limited edition beer indeed and just twenty firkins will be produced, which will be available for sale into the free trade from Monday 23rd September on a first-come first-served basis.'
Interested parties should contact Ossett Brewery on 01924 261333 or visit
Paul Spencer (Head Brewer) 10th September 2013