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I don’t do this sort of thing often, but a few bits and bats on the web have piqued my interest of late, so I thought I’d share them.
Firstly, great news from Scotland as Williams Bros announce significant expansion, including a new bottling & canning line. As usual with all things Scottish, Rich over at BeerCast has got the full lowdown, but I can’t help but be pleased at this. Williams have been around for years, and are an excellent example of how a brewery should keep up with trends in flavour, marketing and branding without making a fuss about it, or it seeming crass. I wish them all the best, and can’t wait to get my mitts on some canned Joker IPA.
Back in Northern England, an interesting *Breweriana/Photography exhibition called Beeraphilistic is taking place between Common and Port Street Beer House between October and March next year.
Port Street Beer House have commissioned photographer Rebecca Lupton to take a tour of the beer festivals of Great Britain capturing the characters there, from volunteers who make these events come to life to the punters who have collectively propped up the bars, highlighting the passion and the spirit of the beer lover. *The launches of these exhibitions, happening on the same evening, will take the form of a pub walk between the two drinking havens with times yet to be announced. Keep an eye out – I’ll be visiting it, for sure. Kudos to the guys at PSBH for holding such an event. Makes a nice change, and is perfect for it.

The Tetley, the art space that will be occupying part of the Tetley’s Brewery site, is looking for research volunteers to help get insight into what working at the brewery during the war was like – tracking down and interviewing ex-employees and such. Full details are here, so if you’re interested, jump on over and you can contribute to what sounds like a fascinating project.