You can get a potential £15 worth of credit with RedSpottedHanky just for playing their fantasy football game. RSH is simialr to thetrainline except that they run a loyalty point scheme, where you can earn points when booking train tickets.

To take advantage of this offer you will need to sign-up for their loyalty scheme, details on the link above. If you get referred by an exisiting member there is a bonus in that you get triple points on your first booking. I am happy to refer anyone who wants to join, just PM me with your name and the e-mail address that you want to use. Please note that I benefit from this as well as I also get points from your first train booking, if you make one. I am only allowed to refer five people so if I get more requests than that I will give whoever contacts me first the option to make the referrals.

The game is along similar lines to other games. You pick a team of 11 plus 4 substitutes and score points for appearances, goals assists and clean sheets. See the site for full rules and T&C's There are 5 transfers per month but you could simply pick a team and leave it for the entire season. You might not score the full 1,500 points (= £15) but I played the Wimbledon game earlier in the year and achieved the max reward before the semi-finals had started. So if you pick a decent starting 11 you should be able to get at least £10. If you do decide on the 'no transfer' strategy I suggest you pick the cheapest players to put on your bench so that you have more money to pick you starting 11.

Remember to drop me a line if you want a referral, alternatively just register on the link provided above. Register your team by midday on Sat 17th August to start scoring from the fisr game but you can join at any point during the season.