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If you have not tried Tara's beers, or even missed one or two you would have liked to sample, fear not, the girls are taking their bottle conditioned ale range to the masses.

On the first Saturday of each month, starting this weekend (6th March), Mallinson's beers will be on sale at Cleckheaton farmers market (St. John's car park, Bradford Road, Cleckheaton), from 9am.

Normally one barrel of each brew is put aside for bottling, so you should get a good selection of Tara's recent offerings, plus gift packs and Mallinson's pint glasses too!

The breweries reputation is continuing to grow, a number of barrels are heading to the lake district this week and festivals around the UK are requesting specials.

PS. For those who like a lie in on Saturdays, bottled Mallinson's and gift packs are available at the Star, Folly Hall, too.