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It doesn't seem two minutes since I was writing about the start of the summer beer festival season. But since then we've had Monkeyfest 7, Thurstyfest 5 and The Star's Summer Beer Festival. And now hot on the heels of those comes two more this weekend.
Bower Beer Fest kicks off on Saturday and runs until Sunday. While The Bobtown Beer Bash is a one day wonder on Saturday.
First to Hall Bower, in the shadow Castle Hill. It's a fine setting and a very friendly festival.
A scan of the beer list (please click on attachments to enlarge) reveals three from Morecambe based brewery Cross Bay, which is new to me.
Their website says they've been brewing since summer 2011 and have won several awards. The pump clips, as the brewery's name suggests, show views across Morecambe Bay towards the Lake District at various times of day.

Another brewery to catch my eye on the list was Gower (Wales), who had a few on at The Star's winter or spring festival. I remember guzzling my way up the peninsular!
Also on is Loch Ness' Light Ness, which was among Will's favourite beers at last weekend's excellent 'Folly Fest'.

The Hall Bower list also features Honely outfit Thirstin who emerged at the Kirburton Uniform Groups' beer festival a couple of months back. You may recall The Bloke from Hull waxing lyrical about them.
I've had a good look at the list and there seems to be a good mix of local, regional and national breweries. So let's hope the thunderstorms have rumbled through so they can enjoy the good weather, which has so far beamed down on the rest of the Huddersfield summer beer festival season.

Unfortunately, I haven't seen a list for Bobtown (at the Roberttown Community Centre from Noon on Saturday) but I bumped into someone today who has been telling me for a while how good it is.
There are 35 plus ales on offer and it's £2.50 entry/glass. Music also features heavily, with eight bands set to play throughout the day.
Music and beer hybrid events seem to be very popular at the moment if Sheffield's Tramlines festival last weekend is anything to go by.
I caught the tail end of it with an acoustic set in Shakespeares' beer garden on Sunday afternoon. Drinking Wilson Potter's In Shreds, while sitting under a tree, listening to one man and his guitar was a perfect blend of beer and music. Although, I'm not sure I should own up to enjoying a Kenny Rogers' cover! Perhaps I should have been drinking Sarah Hughes Dark Ruby Mild?