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Thread: Maddens Bar Belfast

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    Default Maddens Bar Belfast

    I remember visiting Maddens Bar in Belfast and have a couple of photos but when I looked on PG it was showing a different address and postcode, plus it was located on the other side of the Castle Court Shopping Centre. I was sure it wasn’t there so have just spent the last hour on Google trying to prove my point. Most listing sites have the same details as PG but the few reviews and photos show that it is the bar that I know. I then moved on to the Google maps satellite view and trawled around the areas backstreets until I found it here,,0.12&hl=en

    The address is Berry Street with a postcode of BT1 1FJ

    I had already moved the map point before I thought I might be wrong but I won’t add any photos or a review unless you tell me you are happy to change the address and postcode. I suspect what has happened is that all these myriad of sites that show the bar in Smithfield and at BT1 1JE have just taken the details from some generic database somewhere.

    If you’re happy to change the details I’ll add the photos to this entry, if anyone visits Belfast and finds another Maddens Bar on the other side of the shopping centre I guess it could be added back.

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    Hi Millay,

    I have corrected the address of Maddens Bar.

    I did a reverse look up on your suggested postcode and it definitely has a Maddens Bar on Berry Street. It may be that it has moved, but regardless that one is correct now and as you say someone can add the old one if it comes to that. It seems quite possible it is group think though, I have seen a couple of pubs where we end up being the only correct reference I can find, all the pub sites seem to end up copying each other as they are all used as cross references amongst their members

    Thanks for all the effort!

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