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Thread: Problem with areas

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    Default Problem with areas

    The Cuckoo Brow in Far Sawrey in the Lake District was recently added, and a couple of old pictures of its previous incarnation as the Sawrey Hotel were moved from an "orphaned record" - not sure why that listing was deleted rather than either marked as closed or simply a change of name. Be that as it may, the area of Far Sawrey still exists, but without any pubs. I tried to add the Cuckoo Brow (stupid name) to (new area) Far Sawrey, but got an error message, asking me if it is the same as the existing Far Sawrey. The button that requires clicking upon is greyed out. I've mentioned this problem before, but I imagine it's pretty low priority. Is there a fix? Perhaps you can delete the empty Far Sawrey and then I can add the pub to a new Far Sawrey area?
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    Still don't have a solution to the button problem, it is trickier than you might imagine! Anyhow I've sorted that one out now

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