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By A Bloke from Hull:
A bright and sunny May morning saw the annual hike up to Kirkburton for the Fifth Annual Uniformed Group (scouts, guides etc. etc) beer festival.
I had not seen the beer list before arriving but knew that there would be a fine selection of beers sourced by Martin Smith and his dedicated team.
Some arrived directly from Cumbria and others via the Ossett brewery group. One of the major beer offerings was the lovely one off “Raw Rat”- strangely, a collaboration from the Rat and Raw breweries! Very nice too.
However, it was the beer at the end of the bar that took the eye. The pump clip bore the name “Scout’s Honour”; the ABV – 4.5%; the brewery and its location – “Thirstin Brewhouse” based at Honley.
The beer had been brewed and donated by a friend of the group, Stewart Horn, and was an amber Yorkshire bitter brewed using Target and Bramling Cross hops with a slightly fruity finish.
With the brewery being registered in late 2012, Scout’s Honour was the first official brew to be available from Thirstin Brewhouse and was extremely tasty. We eagerly look forward to more great brews, perhaps some with hops grown in Yorkshire.
Oh and why the name? The brewery is located on Thirstin Road in Honley. You could not make it up, could you?
Spurn Pint