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Thread: JW Lees Passport Trail 2010

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    Default JW Lees Passport Trail 2010

    JW Lees are starting their Passport Trail. 162 pubs to have a pint of their product in. Free T-Shirt for visiting 25, Polo shirt for 50, Fleece and engraved glass for 125 and after hours VIP trip to brewery for all 162. Visit for details

    I completed the Trails in 1997, 2000 and 2003. I hope to complete this one !

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    Sounds like fun - thanks for the heads-up. Welcome to the forum btw...

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    Hi First King,

    Welcome to the forums, glad you made it and thanks for the post. First King is a long time contributor to PuG, and already knows me from the corrections he regularly lets us know about.

    FK, me and Dave M are happy to chat on the forums, and if you every have any problems, queries or suggestions feel free to let us know.

    Thanks a lot for that information, and do feel free to post anything else you think we would be interested in, or join in with any of the ongoing chats,


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