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Image: courtesy of Abbeydale
Every now and then I find a beer which perfectly fits my mood.
This week, having taken my holidays on the windy and now rain-swept moors, I sought refuge in Wortley Club on the border between Barnsley and Sheffield.
On the bar - of this CAMRA winning club - was Abbeydale's Alchemy.
As I ordered a pint, I was informed by a someone who was drinking the beer that it was in tip-top condition and a "really refreshing pint".
And how right he was. The perfect beer after a trudge on the moors. Not only did I like it but two other family members also gave it the thumbs up.
The 4.2% beer from Sheffield's Abbeydale Brewery is aptly described by them as a full flavoured pale and hoppy beer with "lots of fruit, especially citrus and some spiciness from the Amarillo hops. A refreshing bitter finish. Ideal for summer drinking".
So A Swift One contacted Abbeydale to compliment them on the beer and to find out a bit more about an ale I'd not come across before.
Sales manager and brewer Dan Baxter told us: "Alchemy 4.2% is what we call semi-regular, whereby it features at least every year. Usually we have our regulars in our core range and brew a special every week.
"But beers like Alchemy we try and drop in every year because we love the hops that go in it and it seems to sell well every time. Then to get nice feedback only strengthens our justification."
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