We are having a clear out, hopefully, pre house move and most of my old GBGs have not made it in to the keep box. If any regular forum members are any short in their collection or, God forbid, were not not old enough to drink when they were published you are welcome to them for the price of postage or pick up from me in the Rochdale, Lancs or Audlem, Ches/Salop border at a mutually convenient time.

The years are 1991 - 94 - 95 - 97 - 98 - 99 - 04. They are all in reasonable but well thumbed condition, fully intact and the spines are not broken. Probably best described as "kept in box under stairs for a lot of years" condition.

PM me or reply if you would like all of them or which ever you need for your collection.

(Off for a stiff drink now realising that in 91 i was just starting to think that Fergie, perhaps, could be the right man for the job)