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You can probably guess what that product is, since I'm on one of my periodic Lager binges. Yes, it's Barclay's Lager.

I wouldn't call what follows an article so much as an advertorial. Even they aren't anything new.

The manufacture of Lager is a comparatively recent innovation in this country, but even so it has become one of the most popular beverages among all classes of people. Although the world-famous firm of Barclay, Perkins and Co., of Southwark, London S.E.1 (a part of London, by the way, which has been renowned for its ales for centuries), only launched Barclay's Lager on the market in 1922 the demand for it has grown almost past belief.

The new Lager Brewhouse must be Visited be fully appreciated; a brewhouse in which is installed the most modern and up-to-date Lager plant in the world; a brewhouse controlled by experts at brewing this class of beer experts with the finest malt and hops at their command produce a Lager of the highest possible standard.

Barclay's Lager took world storm; its wonderful quality was recognised on every side from the day it was first put on the market. But words are of little use, for Barclay's Lager must be tried before full appreciation comes. This no difficult matter, for it is obtainable everywhere in hotel, restaurant and club, on the railway train, on board ship and even on air liners."
Cornishman - Thursday 24 August 1939, page 3.
One of the most popular beverages amon all classes? Pull the other one. Sales of Lager were minute at the time and the high price of Lager meant it was out of reach of many drinkers. Had they wanted to drink it in the first place.

See the one place that wasn't included in "everywhere": the pub. How odd, when that was where most drinking went on.