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Thread: Beer of the Week (w/e 7th April 2013)

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    Decent week for me, managing a couple more sessions than normal, with the Easter break. This weeks offerings:

    Thornbridge - Juvenia.
    Hop Studio - Dark Rose.
    Corfu - Ionian Coffee Porter.
    Lodewijk's - Fly By Night.
    Central City - Red Racer IPA.
    Five Towns - Crisis What Crisis?
    Ossett - Citra.
    Itchen Valley - 1644.
    Navigation - Pale.
    North Cotswold - Shag Weavers.
    Fernandes - West Coast IPA.
    Abbeydale - Black Mass.
    Treboom - Drum Beat.
    Wold Top - Bitter.
    Thornbridge - Jaipur

    Both the Thornbridges were in tip top nick, but even they couldn't touch the West Coast IPA - aromatic, smooth and powerful. Delicious.
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    Inveralmond Brewery - Thrappledouser
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    A decent week:

    Oakham Bishops Farewell
    Dowbridge Gladiator
    Growler - Umbel Magna Porter
    Langton All H'Ale
    Salopian Matrix
    Banks & Taylor - Edwin Taylor's Extra Stout, Dragon Slayer
    Titanic Lifeboat

    All of these were good with special mentions to the Gladiator - 4.5% of red ale drinkability, Magna Porter - a delicious coriander infused porter at 5% and Lifeboat - a very quaffable boring brown beer at 4%. BOTW was Salopian Matrix which punched way above its 4.1% with a distinctive dry and hoppy flavour. Ideal for wrapping yourself around on a Spring day.

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    Had 17 new beers this week but cant find the list so from memory a new London brewer is the winner
    five points -pale ale was very impressive

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    I spent most of the week drinking Mythos and Alfa before finally finding a restaurant with an extensive beer list which gave me the chance to try out some Greek microbreweries. By far the best was the off-puttingly named Septem Brewery, with their Septem Friday's Pale Ale in particular impressing. A really hoppy number - very uncharacteristic of Greek beer and so good that I brought a load of their beers home with me.

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    Spitting Feathers Old Wavertonian Stout tried in their Brewery Tap in Chester.
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