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Regular readers will know that there is one thing that particularly irritates me is brewers putting things in beer, no, not things like hops or malt but things that ought not to be there. I called in The Grove yesterday and found two perfect examples.

Cast your minds back a good few years. There, now try and recall Kitchen Brewery. Got it, what do you remember them for. That's right. Rob used to make beer with every fruit and vegetable imaginable. Seems that Redwillow has taken a leaf out of their book and made a beetroot stout. I have no issue with stouts, but with beetroot !! That's weird and not right. The problem is that although they have called it a beetroot stout, it does not actually taste of beetroot. Whether that is good or bad depends on your feelings about beetroot I suppose, but I would have expected at least a hint at least.

My other gripe concerns Raw 'Citra Black Ale'. I know I said in the first paragraph, I had not objection to brewers adding hops to beer, but in this case I do. It is a waste of time to call something a citra beer, when it does not taste of citra. Apart from misleading the drinker, it seems a waste of the brewers time and money. A fellow drinker made the comment 'Why not just call this a black ale ?' I agree, it is succinct and to the point, the punter knows what he getting, and is not searching his taste buds to try to get the citra taste.

So brewers, please, either stop putting things in beer that should not be there, or try not to mislead the drinker by suggesting there are things in the beer that cannot be tasted.It does no one any favours.