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Hi there. I'm the man behind Shut up about Barclay Perkins, here to tell you about something important. With no exaggeration, the blog event of the year*. Decade, perhaps.

So get ready. Have flasks of tea and sandwiches prepared, as you embark on a journey through 1950's London beers. Yes, without the aid of a time machine, you'll be able to taste** the beers of 54 years ago.

Say a big thanks to Andrew Campbell. And Whitbread. They made it possible. For the first time*** Campbell's 1956 descriptions of the beers available in London pubs (he doesn't seem to have ever got his arse out of the capital) will be paired with analyses carried out by Whitbread. They shared many interests. In his case dictated by his apparent loathing of travel. In theirs by an unhealthy fascination with competitors. And, in some cases, takeover prey.

Shut up about Barclay Perkins will publish a luxury, limited edition series of posts where Campbell's lyrical descriptions are counterpointed by cold, hard OG's and FG's. Illustrated by the original labels. As a special bonus for Shut up about Barclay Perkins Gold members, there will be recipes of some of the beers so you literally can taste the past****.

Mark the date in your diary*****. Sometime next week. Or the week after. My life isn't only beer.

* of 1950's beer history posts.
** in the imagining sense.
*** if you discount my recent posts.
**** if you can brew to a recipe. And believe a recreation can ever be truly like the original beer.
***** unless you already follow this blog.