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Another day in that there London and another new brewery. Another within walking distance too. Now I hadn't been to the new Kernal, but planned to change that, combining it with a trip to a new (but related) brewery, Partizan. We weren't sure which order to take them in, but decided on Partizan first, as it was furthest, about two and a half miles away, over Tower Bridge and through some high rise estates. A pleasant enough walk.

In the inevitable railway arch, we found the brewery, a neat little affair, with a simple serving counter for the bottled beers offered. We also encountered a surprise in the shape of Tyson the Beerhound and his partner in crime, Eddie, the eager, legal, beagle, who had set off at sparrowfart from Manchester with a similar quarry in mind. Greetings were exchanged, along the lines of "Bloody Hell it's a small world" etc etc. but there was beer to be tried. We plunged in with the simple expedient of ordering the first two on the list. An Amarillo/Pacific Pale Ale for me and a Wakatu Pale for E. No tasting notes I'm afraid. There might have been, but when you have friends to talk to such things must fall. Both were very well made and delicious, though we both marginally preferred the Amarillo version. I also had a chat with Andy, the brewer, who seemed a splendid chap. He told me that he was sticking to his knitting by and large. He only really has space for bottling, so that's what he'll stay with for the time being at least, though he doesn't rule out the odd special occasion cask or keg. Next beer was Citra/Amarillo IPA. Another belter with the 6.9% alcohol, cunningly hidden hehind decent malt and layers of lovely hops. A belter.

By this time Tyson and Eddie were getting itchy feet and headed back to my manor and the Dean Swift, but another Northern replacement was immediately forthcoming in the shape of Thornbridge Dom and his girlfriend Janine. Now Dom is one of the good guys and Janine, delightful, so a cheery hour ensued in which two different saisons were tried (I preferred the Galaxy, but both were good) and various sips and tastes. It was a very pleasant interlude, reminding if reminder be needed, that beer people are blessed among men (and women) and which caused us to ditch Kernal for another time.

Neither of us fancied the walk back, so a bus was taken, which gave me my first tour of the Isle of Dogs, but eventually dropped us at the Southwark end of Tower Bridge again, where after a sneaky pee in the Pommeller's Rest JDW and a trot across the bridge, we found Tower Hill station closed. Station? Yes. We had the beery bit between our teeth by then, more of which soon.

So. Partizan? Recommended.

Aren't the Partizan labels, which can be viewed here, along with details of the brewery) delightful?