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Thread: Some changes & corrections

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    Default Some changes & corrections

    The Forresters Arms in Swadlincote has only one R: Foresters Arms.

    Holywell House Hotel in Ashby de la Zouch was probably never a pub. The house at 58 Burton Road seems fairly modern, so may have replaced an original building in the last 40 or 50 years. The neighbourhood doesn't seem to me to be a likely venue for a pub and the name suggests a bed & breakfast establishment. I suggest deletion.

    Ashby Town Chambers Bars seems another unlikely name for a pub, and I've been unable to find any trace either on Google or on the ground. Delete?

    Zeus is now The George.

    The photo submitted by Peter Crosby supposedly of The Masons Arms on 23rd September 2009 is actually of The Joiners Arms. Can you please move it to the correct pub?

    Come On You Hatters!

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    We have updated the name of The Foresters Arms, removed the two useless listings, renamed The George and moved the Joiners Arms photo.

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