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Suppose you had a son who was turning 18. Suppose you'd even managed to get him to like and appreciate good beer. Suppose, despite his age, he had a sense of humour and was making reasonable progress from the terrible teenage years showing promise as a young man. You'd want to get him something really nice for his birthday, wouldn't you?

Best thing to do is go on his facebook page and find the most embarrassing photo you can find, write a few silly words and paste it onto a Trashy Blonde. In my case he is my step-son, he's not a bad lad and I'm almost proud to have had some input to his upbringing. is a good idea that I like. I've been avoiding blogging about it as I thought I was getting a bit too BrewDog heavy on here. Hopefully this will lighten the tone a bit.

Anyway, why not Punk and Dog? it's easy and all on-line.