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The first of what seems to be a lot of Ossett group pub festivals started a couple of days ago at the Drop in Elland, I 'dropped inn' {clever eh !!) yesterday to take a look. The Drop is a pleasant enough pub in the back streets of Elland and its very location seems to separate it from the rest of the Ossett estate and the town centre. Nevertheless I have been to several festivals here in the past and I am usually impressed.

On the bar on my arrival were about 14 hand pumps, in the main and smaller side bars, with a selection of all styles of beer. I was in a light beer mood so I eschewed the porter and the stout and started with Yorkshire Brewing company 'Yorkshire Pale', my first thought was that I had been given the wrong beer but a quick chat with the landlady put me right, this was their interpretation of a pale ale. And she advised me that what I thought was a new brewery for me was actually Cropton renamed. Not an auspicious start, an the beer was average as well. Time to be more careful with my beer choice. Irwell Works ' Big Whistle Ale' seemed a sensible strength, and I was presented with a light, hoppy number packed with flavour. A good antidote.

Shiny was a new brewery for me coming from Derbyshire, I had heard of them but never encountered their beer before and the '4 Wood' was 4.5% and could best be described as a work in progress, and not to my taste at all. Just time for one more beer, and this had better be a good one. Usually I leave Ossett beers as I expec to find them elsewhere, but I overheard that the 'Rhubarb Blonde' was one of only 9 barrels brewed so it seems a shame to overlook it. It was light, 4.7% and excellent. But sadly did not have the tart fruit background I expected.

So leaving behind plenty of other beers, a couple new to me, and some old favourites, it was time to go. It sounds as though the beer range was poor, that was not the case, it was just that I chose badly, and should you be a fan of the light, hoppy stuff there is plenty of good beer there, and some decent dark stuff to tempt you too. And with no entry fee, and beer at £2.50 a pint, it is a good enough festival to pass away an hour or two in the wet weather we are promised.